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2019 Spring and Summer Pest Forecast

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Spring has sprung and so has 2019’s Spring and Summer forecast provided by National Pest Management Association and their team of highly qualified entomologist. They recently released their bi-annual Bug Barometer® and its looking like an active season.

“While regions across the country were either unseasonably cold or warm this past winter, there’s one factor that almost all of them had in common – excessive moisture,” said Jim Fredericks, Ph.D., chief entomologist for the NPMA. “From record-setting snow in parts of Texas and Arizona to excessive rain in the southeast, continued precipitation predicted for most of the country this upcoming season will allow pest populations to continue to thrive and multiply.”

Pest populations are expected to spike in our region. Predictions report ideal conditions for mosquito larval habitats to thrive due to excess moisture in the area. It’s also expected that rainy summer days will force cockroaches and ants to seek shelter indoors. (See full NPMA article here)

How can you lessen the effects of the season? The best offense is a good defense.

Mosquito Prevention

Mosquito Prevention: Mosquitoes can breed in less than ½ inch of water. Check your property for areas where water may puddle and remain stagnant and pour them out, these areas include flowerpots, planters, grill covers, baby pool, bird baths, trash cans and more. Mosquitoes are most active in the mornings and evenings so be sure to inspect window and door screens frequently for any damage, as well as keeping doors closed to help keep them out of your home. (Prevent Breeding Grounds)

Cockroach Prevention

Cockroach Prevention: Don’t attract more roaches. Remove food sources, keep the house clean, and close off openings and entrance points. They can live up to a month without food but only about a week without water, make sure to cut off any water sources they might find including leaks and puddled water.

If pests are still making their way into your home despite all your efforts to keep them out, its time to Trust the Professionals and give us a call. Our highly trained pest control technicians, will assess the problem pests and devise a comprehensive solution to reduce and even eliminate any unwanted pests.

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