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Why You Shouldn’t Try to Treat Rodent Infestations Alone

Most homeowners who have rodents infesting their homes underestimate the intelligence of these small furry creatures. Firstly, householders have absolutely no clues about how rodents manage to get into their homes. Even when they see holes and cracks that may have served as possible entry points, it is hard for the homeowner to believe that the animal could have squeezed through that small space.

Secondly, it is difficult for homeowners to figure out how the creatures survive. How do rodents constantly outsmart humans by evading detection for long periods of time? How can mice afford to be so quiet that people are completely unaware of their existence in the home? And, most annoyingly, how do they manage to find food that you think you have securely placed out of their reach?

Rodents may not be as smart as humans, but they are smarter than most people think they are. This is why every year they keep finding ways to live in your home. Against all odds and despite your best efforts, these pests still manage to thrive inside your dwelling. Why are rodent pests so hard to control or eliminate?

Why rodents are hard to get rid of

There are two primary reasons why ridding your home of rodents is very hard.

The rodent has more at stake: You are merely trying to get rid of a nuisance that has invaded your territory (which you refer to as your home) and is messing with your stuff. But the rodent is fighting a mortal enemy that could destroy its home, food source, and family. While pest control is an occasional thing for you, survival is the full-time preoccupation of the pests you are trying to get rid of.

The rodent has more experience: When you are combating mice and rats in your home, you are not just going against that one family of rodents. You are fighting generations of their great grandparents and the experiences that have been passed down through the years. That’s because rodents transmit their knowledge of known threats and survival techniques to their offspring, making each new generation even harder to capture or kill.

So it is never a good idea for homeowners to try and tackle a rodent infestation by themselves, advises Innovative Property Solutions. As a rule, several householders lack the necessary knowledge, mindset, materials, and equipment to exterminate rodents from their living space. It is better to leave this job for pest extermination professionals who know how to counter all the tactics that rodents will deploy.

Why you should let professionals handle your rodent infestation problem

1. It is not so simple

Removing rodents is not as simple as using traps to catch them. Homeowners who have used this simplistic approach have been frustrated to discover that the mice or rats will sometimes remove the bait from the trap without getting caught. Other times they will avoid that area and look for alternative food sources. Every failed effort to catch a rodent is making the creature smarter.

2. Rodents are highly adaptive creatures

This means that you must understand the habits of rodents that live in that particular home before you can get rid of them. You may have to install infrared cameras to capture their movements at night so you can understand their behaviors. When you do this, it will be possible to determine the best approach to get rid of the rodents.

3. Time is of the essence

With every rodent extermination effort, the clock is always ticking. Wasting time with the wrong approaches makes the problem harder to solve. This is because mice and rats multiply at an astonishing rate. And if a homeowner manages to catch only one rodent, the others quickly learn. Solving the problem permanently is more likely when there are fewer rodents that you can capture quickly.

4. Rodent extermination can be dangerous

Homeowners will often resort to using poison baits to try and catch rodents. These solutions are a double-edged sword in that they are not discriminatory. Poisons have the capability to hurt pets and children in the home if they are not properly placed. Moreover, the rodents that are killed by poisons constitute a nuisance when they die inside walls and start emitting foul odors.

5. They can do more than kill the rodents

For homeowners who try to exterminate rodents by themselves, there are only two options. They must kill the creatures by trapping or poisoning them. Or they must let the rodents keep destroying their food and home. Homeowners who want to avoid killing the rodents often don’t have any other option. But a professional can get rid of rats and mice without harming them.

6. Professional prevent future occurrence

A pest control expert will not only remove the pests but will also take actions to keep them from returning. They will seal off all entry points, guide on how to eliminate food sources, and monitor the home for an extended period to ensure that the solution worked and all the rodents have been eliminated.

Final Thoughts

The best time to call an exterminator is before pests become a problem. If pests are still making their way into your home despite all your efforts to keep them out, it’s time to Trust the Professionals and give us a call. Our highly trained pest control technicians will assess the problem pests and devise a comprehensive solution to reduce and even eliminate any unwanted pests. Request a free quote here.

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